The Best Weed Dispensaries in Oklahoma (2023)

Posted on April 24th, 2023 to Education

Oklahoma made medical cannabis legal in 2018, and since then, many excellent dispensaries have opened their doors to serve customers. Looking for the best dispensaries in Oklahoma? Take a look at a few of the best Oklahoma dispensaries in each region.

The Best Dispensaries in Southern Oklahoma

Magnolia City Apothecary in Durant

Located in Durant, OK, Magnolia City Apothecary offers one of the best cannabis selections in Southern OK. The dispensary carries everything from top-requested and exotic flower strains to concentrates, edibles, and pre-rolls. Magnolia City Apothecary takes a keen interest in providing ethically sourced products in a positive environment where every guest feels comfortable enough to browse and ask questions. The budtenders, which are affectionately referred to as The Hensquad, are a group of friendly individuals with a passion for cannabis education.

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The Best Dispensaries in Oklahoma City

Eden Rose Dispensary

Eden Rose is a smaller cannabis shop, but they have managed to gain a reputation for providing a top-notch selection of Oklahoma medical marijuana. Reviewers claim that Eden Rose has excellent deals on top-shelf flower, but also have a lot of positive things to say about customer service. The dispensary recently expanded to include a collection of its own edibles, pre-rolls, and extracts cultivated and made in-house.

Emerald Fire Dispensary

Emerald Fire Dispensary has three family-owned medical dispensaries in OK, including one in Oklahoma City. With a reputation for being both friendly and knowledgeable, offering good deals, and a nice variety, Emerald Fire has gained a reputation as one of the best Oklahoma dispensaries. The retailer offers an exotic collection of flower from top brands, as well as its own exclusive flower and product picks.

Evergreen Cannabis Co.

Often referred to as one of the best dispensaries in Oklahoma City, Evergreen Cannabis Co. has a respected reputation among customers for high-quality products. This OKC dispensary is wholly dedicated to providing clean, reliable cannabis to cater to patient needs. However, Evergreen also gets a lot of recognition for its hosted workshops and resources to help people better understand how to use cannabis and pick the best products.

Best Dispensaries in the Tulsa Region

Main Street Meds in Tulsa and Jenks

Main Street Meds in Tulsa and Jenks, OK is known for offering a welcoming environment for cannabis customers paired with good prices and an impressive selection. In spite of the small size of the storefronts in both locations, Main Street Meds offers many of the top cannabis product brands in the state.

Mango Cannabis Weed Dispensary in Tulsa

One of the largest cannabis dispensaries in the Tulsa area, Mango Cannabis Weed Dispensary is known for offering a caring experience and a vast selection. The dispensary is known to offer one of the largest collections of medicinal topical cannabis products, concentrates, and CBD products.

Visit Magnolia City Apothecary for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

We like to say at Magnolia City Apothecary that we are a little bit better than the best because we provide THC with loads of TLC. If you’re looking for one of the best Oklahoma dispensaries with a dash of Southern charm, be sure to take a look at our menu and stop in to see us. Don’t forget to join the Cluck Cluck Club to get all the details about the latest strains and deals sent to your inbox.

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