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Posted on November 6th, 2023 to Education

Are you looking far and wide for dispensary deals in Durant OK? Rest assured, we’ve always got the best weed deals in Durant OK at Magnolia City Apothecary. We get it—we all need to save our hard-earned money when we can. That’s why we make sure our customers have access to some of the best weed in Oklahoma at the best possible prices, but we also offer special savings opportunities and deals to boot.

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Why Magnolia City Is Considered the Cheapest Dispensary in Durant OK

No City Tax on Weed

You absolutely read that correctly. While some cities within OK choose to add another tax on weed sold in their town, Durant does not. Therefore, when you shop for weed deals in Durant OK at MCA, not only will you get a good price, but you also won’t have to pay that extra city tax at the register. This can add up to a substantial amount of savings if you are a frequent shopper.

Large Inventory Means Lower Prices

At Magnolia City Apothecary, we strive to offer one of the largest collections of top-quality flower in the state. At any given time, you will find dozens of options on our menu because we partner with many brands, and we buy bulk quantities of flower when we find something we know our customers will appreciate. By doing so, we get a good price for bulk flower and take pride in passing those savings on to you.

Great Weed Deals All the Time

We have deals and discounts every single day of the week, including:

  • Munchie Monday – 20% off cannabis edibles
  • Terpy Tuesday – 20% off select vape carts and concentrates
  • Weedsy Wednesday – 20% off Tier 1, 2, and 3 flower
  • Two-for-Thursday – Buy 1 MCA House pre-roll and get your second for a penny
  • Freaky Friday – 20% off oddities like cooking oil, coffee, and more
  • MCA Saturday – 20% off all MCA branded products, including merch
  • Sunday Funday – Pick your daily deal! And get 2x points as a Cluck Cluck Club member

Special Savings for Special People

Truthfully, we see every MCA customer as someone to appreciate. However, certain people do get special savings deals because they are a little extra special. We offer:

  • Students a 10% discount with their student ID
  • Veterans and active-duty service members a 10% discount
  • First-time customers a penny pre-roll with their first purchase
  • Birthday customers a penny MCA pre-roll on their birthdays

The Cluck Cluck Club

If you are looking for even more special ways to save, be sure to sign up to be part of the MCA Cluck Cluck Club. This program is absolutely free to join, but you will get the chance to earn points on every purchase that can be exchanged for products and merchandise. Plus, you will get exclusive offers, discounts, early access to events, a shot at merch giveaways, and more. All you have to do to sign up is supply your phone number, and we’ll send all the details right to your phone.

Watch for $20 Eights!

You really can’t beat a $20 eighth, and this is something you will find on our menu all the time. This gives customers without a lot of jingle in their pockets access to top-shelf flower they can afford when they need it. And our $20 eighths are always some of the best strains available in the state.

How to Find the Best Dispensary Deals in Durant OK and Beyond

Not finding what you want at MCA for the right price? No worries! We’ve got a few tips to help you track down good deals on weed no matter where you choose to shop, even though we’d love it if you shop with us. A few ways to find the best dispensary deals in OK include:

  • Always shop among the best dispensaries in OK that have a good reputation with customers
  • Be sure to look for a dispensary’s online menu before you go to compare prices and shop around for the best deals
  • Consider signing up for email newsletters and notifications to get the inside scoop on upcoming offers
  • Buy in bulk—sometimes you get a good deal when you buy more than an eighth of weed at a time or nab a two-for-special
  • Shop for your favorite products around holidays and special occasions when you’re more likely to see special savings opportunities

Visit MCA – The Cheapest Dispensary in Durant OK

Whether you’re looking for daily deals, bundle and save bargains, or $20 eighths, we’ve got you covered at MCA. Be sure to explore our full menu to get a look at what weed deals in Durant OK we have to offer.

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