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Posted on October 4th, 2023 to Featured

Sometimes, you need to grab your cannabis and be on your way—we get it! That’s why Magnolia City Apothecary chose to be a drive through dispensary in Oklahoma.

Most people have made their way through a drive-through to buy fast food or even pick up their prescriptions at the pharmacy. However, if you are like a lot of people, you have never used a drive-through to pick up cannabis. To make sure you know what to expect, we’ve pulled together a quick overview of how to use a dispensary with drive through in Oklahoma below.


Drive-Thru Dispensary

How Does a Dispensary with a Drive Through in Oklahoma Work?

1. Access the online menu for the dispensary

The best dispensaries in OK have a full online menu that reflects their current inventory. For example, you can see the full MCA menu here. So, the first step in shopping for drive-through pickup is to access the online menu for your preferred dispensary. Add the products you want to purchase to your virtual shopping cart, and then select pickup when you go through the check-out process.

2. Complete your order online

With everything added to your cart, you will be prompted to add your details, such as your name, birth date, and email address. You can also add your medical card number, expiration date, and your phone number to receive personalized text messages. Check your order details and the amount you will have to pay when you arrive.

3. Head to the dispensary to pick up your order

You will receive a confirmation from the dispensary when you place your order. This confirmation will let you know when to come to the dispensary to pick up your order. When that time arrives, simply head to the dispensary and follow the signage to get to the drive-through to pick up your order.

What to Expect at a Drive Through Dispensary in Oklahoma

While we can’t speak for every dispensary with a drive-through in OK, we can tell you what you can expect when you visit Magnolia City Apothecary. Take a quick look so you know exactly what to expect when you arrive.

Follow the Sign and Arrows in the Parking Lot

When you get to our location, look for the sign at the right of the building that says “Drive Thru” and follow the arrows in your vehicle around the side of the building. Much like any other drive-through at a regular retail location, you will come to a window to your left where you can stop and wait to be served by one of our friendly employees.

Have Your ID and OK Medical Marijuana Card Ready

While there are some non-THC products you can purchase in the store at Magnolia City Apothecary, if you have ordered high-THC cannabis online, we will need to verify you are a patient. Therefore, go ahead and have your medical marijuana card out and ready to go to pick up your order. We will also need to see your ID, such as your driver’s license.

Provide Your Name at the Window

Once it’s your turn at the drive-through, simply state your name and let the employee know that you have placed an order for pick-up. They will retrieve your already-prepared order, check your medical card, and tell you the cost. You can pay with cash or a debit card, but not a credit card.

OK Dispensary Drive Through FAQs

Can someone else pick up my order at the drive-through?

Unfortunately, only the medical cardholder or the designated medical cannabis patient’s caregiver can pick up orders. The state of OK says that we have to verify that all pick-up orders are picked up by the actual cardholder or caregiver.

Do you have to be a medical cannabis patient to use the dispensary drive-through?

You do have to be a medical cannabis patient if you are purchasing cannabis products. However, if you are simply shopping for accessories, CBD, or other hemp-derived products, you do not have to have a medical cannabis card to use the drive-through.

How much can you pick up at an OK dispensary drive-through?

The same purchase limits that apply in-store also apply when you visit the drive-through.

Visit a Drive Through Dispensary in Oklahoma: Magnolia City Apothecary

At MCA, we understand that sometimes, you just want to pick up your cannabis and be on your way. We’re thankful we have been able to provide an added layer of convenience with our dispensary drive-through. Are you ready to shop for the best weed in OK and pick up your order without leaving your car? Use our online menu to place an order and our hensquad will get to work preparing your order.


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