How Much is an Eighth of Weed?

Posted on July 28th, 2023 to Education

Without question, shopping for cannabis is a new experience for a lot of Oklahoma customers. With that being said, the first time you visit a dispensary, you are bound to have a few questions or see sane terminology that you don’t quite understand. A term you will hear being tossed around quite a bit is “an eighth of weed.”

An 8th of weed is simply a descriptor for a common weight measurement for cannabis flower used in dispensaries. But, what is an eighth of weed? How much is an eighth of weed? Check out all the details below.


How much is an eighth of weed?

Simply put, an eighth of weed is one of the most common weight measurements for cannabis flower you will see on a dispensary menu. However, there can also be different answers to this question depending on what kind of information you are trying to get. Let’s break everything down about the cannabis eighth so you can shop with confidence at the dispensary.

How much is an eighth in grams?

First, let’s look at an eighth of weed by weight. The term “eighth” is just short for an eighth of an ounce. Therefore, if you take an ounce of cannabis flower and divide it into eight equal parts, you will have eighths. One ounce of cannabis flower is just a speck over 28 grams, which means an eighth of weed is right at 3.5 grams. If you want to be precise, the eighth comes out to be 3.543603875 grams.

Eighths are sometimes referred to with other descriptive words, such as a slice or a half-quarter. The eighth is referred to as a half-quarter because an eighth, as fractions go, is half a quarter ounce of weed. For reference, a quarter ounce of weed is roughly 7 grams.

What is an eighth of weed, size-wise?

In terms of size or amount, an eighth of weed is enough to roll about three chubby joints. Or, if you prefer slimmer, one-person joints, you could roll about six joints with an eighth. The eighth has grown to be one of the most popular weight measurements to purchase because you essentially get enough weed for a few joints at a relatively inexpensive price.

Of course, there can be differences in volume when it comes to the size of an eighth. Some cannabis flower strains are naturally more weighty and denser. For example, Kush Mints from Redbird is a bit more resinous with tightly clustered buds. By contrast, Dogwalker can be a bit more fluffy and not quite so sticky with resin. Therefore, an eighth of Kush Mints may appear to be slightly less flower than Dogwalker.

How much is an eighth going to cost?

An eighth of weed in Oklahoma can range in price depending on the demand for a specific strain, the grower, and even the quality or the potency of the flower. Further, how much you will pay for an 8th can ebb and flow depending on the availability of the supply and where you shop. As of summer 2023, an eighth of weed at Magnolia City Apothecary will cost anywhere from $12 to $30 on average.

Cannabis can vary in cost by weight depending on the cut as well. For instance, if you go for flower trim or shake, you may find an eighth of weed for as little as $6 to $10. However, whole buds or even smalls (popcorn buds) will generally run higher because they are considered to be of higher quality. The best dispensaries in Oklahoma will have a number of options, so everyone has access to affordable cannabis picks.

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