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Kosmik Gummies

Kosmik Edibles is a line of cannabis-infused gummies produced by Kosmik Brands. This company also makes a line of resin concentrates, just in case you’re interested in dabbing your weed instead of eating it.

Kosmik gummies come in a wide range of flavors, and the company also makes different lines based on the amount of THC inside. On the low end of the spectrum are Kosmik blasters, which can have around 100 to 250 mg. On the high end of the spectrum are The Abyss, which contain up to 2000 mg.

Kosmik Gummies:

Product Line

Because Kosmik Brands offers various types of gummies, we decided to do an individual Kosmik gummies review for each option. Here’s what you can expect from this company.

Kosmik Blasters Gummies

As we mentioned, Kosmik Blasters come in a few different varieties. First, you can start with regular Blasters, which contain about 100 mg of THC. Flavors include favorites like peach, raspberry, berry, and cherry.

You can also find specialty Blaster flavors if you’re more of a foodie. Examples include chocolate-covered strawberries, S’mores, and caramel apples. The company also makes Sour Blasters if you’re into sour-flavored gummies.


Once you get above 250 mg, you enter Supernova territory. Kosmik Brands labels these flavors as “classified” and only refers to them by their color (i.e., red, green, etc.). With 500 mg of THC, you can feel quite the kick when ingesting these edibles. If you’re not an experienced user, you may want to split them in half.

Black Hole

At 1000 mg, Black Hole Gummies come with pre-cut sections so you can dose as little or as much as you like. We don’t recommend taking an entire gummy at once. Instead, parcel it out so you don’t get hit with an intense high too quickly. Again, the flavors are “classified,” so you’re not sure what you’re getting, taste-wise.

The Abyss

The Abyss gummies are only recommended for those who have experience with cannabis-infused edibles. With 2000 mg of THC, a single gummy could knock you flat if you’re a newbie. Even as a cannabis veteran, you shouldn’t consume a single gummy in one sitting. Instead, take a little at a time.

Kosmik Edibles Review

Kosmik Edibles are delicious treats that can make taking cannabis far more enjoyable than smoking or dabbing it. We like that the company offers a wide variety of flavors and THC concentrations so you can pick and choose which ones you like the best.

That said, the “classified” gimmick seems played out, as we prefer to know what the flavor is before committing to an entire bag. That said, we appreciate that Kosmik Brands offers vegan and gluten-free products so everyone can enjoy these gummies.

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Kosmik Brands is based in Oklahoma, so you can visit the store directly. However, the company also sells to many dispensaries throughout the state.

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