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Zen Cannabis

Zen Cannabis is a fast-growing California-based cannabis company that specializes in edibles. It currently serves cannabis markets in California, Missouri, Oklahoma, Massachusetts and distributes to more than 20 European countries in the EU with ZenCBD. The company offers high-quality edibles, tinctures and drinks in a variety of potencies and cannabinoid combinations.

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Zen Cannabis:

Product Line

The Zen Cannabis product line:

  • Zen Cannabis Gummies: Cannabis infused edibles in a variety of flavors, potencies and strains, including a triple-strength version.
  • Zen Cannabis Chocolate: Highly popular varieties of chocolate infused with THC.
  • Drinks: Cannabis-infused beverages available in a variety of flavors and strains.
  • Zen Cannabis Tincture: These tinctures come in indica, sativa and hybrid strains, and also come with CBD.
  • Minis: Chewy fruit-flavored marijuana-infused minis made with full spectrum THC.

Zen Cannabis FAQs

What is different about Zen Cannabis products?

Zen Cannabis is committed to creating reliable and high-quality products for every kind of connoisseur. With locally sourced ingredients and seasoned local staffs in every market, Zen Cannabis creates reliable and trusted products and follows all local regulations. All products are engineered with care and thoughtful creativity and are triple tested for quality assurance, consistency and consumer confidence.

Zen Cannabis Reviews

Zen Cannabis products receive strong reviews from cannabis users for their potency and consistency. With products offered with higher THC doses, Zen Cannabis edibles are highly regarded by consumers in need of such potency, including some of its edibles that also include melatonin for sleep. Its highly popular chocolate bars win high praise for not only their potency, but their variety of flavors, which include dark, white and milk chocolate, along with peanut butter chocolate. The Zen Cannabis minis are preferred for their fruity flavors.

Where to Buy Zen Cannabis in Oklahoma

Magnolia City Apothecary

Zen Cannabis products are sold in several states, including Magnolia City Apothecary in Durant, Oklahoma.

Buy Zen Cannabis Products at Magnolia City Apothecary

Magnolia City Apothecary offers its patients high quality, exclusive and ethically-sourced cannabis products in a unique environment that stresses safety and comfort. The dispensary strives to remove the stigma behind cannabis use with education and positivity. Magnolia City Apothecary stocks the best strains and products to help patients feel their best.

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