What is Hybrid Weed?

Posted on July 6th, 2023 to Education

The first time you visit an Oklahoma medical dispensary, you’ll notice that all cannabis flower and pre-rolls will be labeled as either Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. Most people are familiar with the terms Indica and Sativa when it comes to cannabis, but what’s hybrid weed and what does hybrid weed mean in terms of effects? To help you make the best decisions when it comes to shopping for flower, we’ve got you covered with the answers below.


What Is Hybrid Weed?

The hybrid weed meaning is actually simpler than it sounds. Cannabis classified as “hybrid” has characteristics of both Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa.

While consumers often associate the names Sativa and Indica with certain effects, cultivators and botanists typically recognize and use these terms in reference to the growth traits and physical characteristics of the plant. For example, Cannabis Sativa is known to grow lanky and tall and take longer to flower, while Cannabis Indica grows shorter and bushier and flowers faster. A hybrid cannabis plant may take on characteristics of both types of cannabis, such as growing tall and bushy.

Where Did Hybrid Weed Come from?

So, if all cannabis started out as Sativa or Indica, where did Hybrid weed come from? The roots of cannabis cultivation reach back centuries. In fact, cannabis has been mentioned in documents that are millennia-old.

While cannabis plants could be clearly placed into either Sativa or Indica categories centuries ago, today, it is incredibly rare to find a pure Indica or Sativa strain. Probably since the first caveman found value in cannabis and its effects, people have been carrying their cannabis with them across lands, countries, and continents. Therefore, cannabis has been cross-bred substantially by accident due to people taking landrace (pure Indica or Sativa) strains from their natural habitats and planting them among other plants. More recently, say in the last century or so, there has also been a lot of intentional cross-pollinating to bring strains with favorable cannabinoids and terpenes to life.

This can all be a little confusing for an obvious reason. You will indeed find most cannabis flower in the dispensary labeled as either Sativa or Indica and, of course, some as Hybrids. Nevertheless, the bulk of commercially available flower is Hybrid genetically speaking. Cultivators have traditionally given the Sativa or Indica designations to their plants based on characteristics and genetics, but the cultivars are usually either Indica or Sativa dominant, not pure landrace strains.

What Does Hybrid Weed Do in Terms of Effects?

Many patients claim that Hybrid weed effects are more balanced, or somehow toe the line between calming and energizing. This may be true for many strains. However, this belief is also an assumption based on another myth that Sativas are always energizing and Indicas are always relaxing.

This old belief may have stemmed from a time when purer Sativas and Indicas were easier to find and did often offer telltale effects. In reality, the true determinants of a plant’s effects will be the exact collection of cannabinoids and terpenes found in the flower. It is wholly possible to have an uplifting or sedating Hybrid.

For example, a Hybrid with high levels of myrcene (a sedating terpene) and THC like Blue Dream may help with sleep. By contrast, a Hybrid with high levels of limonene (an uplifting terpene) and lower THC like Skunk Grease may be somewhat energizing.

Hybrid Weed Pros and Cons

Top Hybrid Weed Strains to Consider

Most modern cannabis strains are hybrid, which means there are many excellent cultivars to consider in this category. A few ever-popular hybrid strains include:

  • Motor Breath: A potent, gassy strain with loads of myrcene and THC levels as high as 25%
  • White Runtz: A mid-range strain at about 17% THC with lasting effects and high caryophyllene levels.
  • Skywalker: An earthy cultivar with high caryophyllene and myrcene and around 23% THC.

If you prefer a good cannabis vape or hybrid weed pen, there are also a few top picks, such as a Mac 1 disposable cart from DOSE or an Orange Creamsicle disposable from Releaf.

Explore Hybrid Weed at Magnolia City Apothecary

When you know more about the flower you find in the dispensary, you are better equipped to pick the right product for you. At Magnolia City Apothecary, we make it easy for patients by offering full descriptions of every flower we have to offer on our menu. And, if you’re ever stumped about what pick would be the best, we’re here to help.


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